Universal highly concentrated product SAN-CEPT is intended for disinfection of and washing surfaces in rooms, solid furniture, medical devices and equipment, clothing, underwear, patient care and personal hygiene items, sports equipment, toys, tableware and laboratory items, and items for washing them, rubber mats, sanitary equipment, cleaning equipment and sanitary transport during the current and final disinfection in medical institutions including hospitals and laboratories of various profiles, and in foci of infectious diseases of bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral (including viral hepatitis and HIV infection) and fungal aetiology; disinfection in health care institutions; sanitary and health-improving institutions (sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest homes, etc.); preschool establishments; enterprises of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and microbiological industries; public catering and trade institutions; all types of transport; in sports and recreation institutions; communal facilities, etc. – at any facilities that require appropriate activities.

The new generation of QAC-based disinfection products are becoming more widely used due to

- Low degree of toxicity (IV class of working solutions);

- A high degree of biocidal action and increased activity against Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, yeast and bacteria (with a balanced recipe – including microbacterium tuberculosis, pathogens of plague and cholera); viruses (including influenza, herpes, hepatitis and polioviruses), pathogenic fungi and mould;

- Ability to biodegrade.

In addition to the disinfecting properties, the QAC-based products

- Have good washing and deodorizing properties

- Contain no phosphates, aldehydes, active chlorine or oxygen

- Cause no fabric discolouration

- Do not spoil disinfected objects nor fix contamination;

- Cause no corrosion.

ATTENTION! The product is supplied as a concentrate. Working solutions of SAN-CEPT are prepared and used in accordance with the Regulations for Use approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; when working with the concentrate, preparing working solutions or using the product do not fail to observe personal safety measures that protect the skin and eyes in accordance with the regulations.

Ingredients: the content of active and auxiliary substances, % of weight: N, N-didecyldimethylamonium chloride -10.0; alkyl (C12-C14) dimethylbenzylamonium chloride – 15.0 (active substances) 2-propanol, dye, fragrance, water – up to 100.0.




Quantity in a package

1,000 ml


9 pcs.

5 L