Liquid detergents for washing SELA from SAN CLEAN is a new generation of washing products specially designed for all fabrics (cotton, linen, synthetic, artificial, and mixed fibres), for washing in the water of any hardness and temperature. SELA detergents can be used with the same efficiency both for hand washing and for washing in a washing machine of any type. In contrast to solid, viscous or loose cleaners, SELA can be loaded into the dispenser tray or poured directly into the drum of the washing machine.

    In the washing machine, SELA starts working for dissolution and activation immediately. The components of the product immediately penetrate the soiled fabric fibres, which significantly increases the washing effect.

    The main advantage of SELA laundry products is a soft, gentle and effective washing at a moderate temperature from 20 °C to 60 °C.

    SELA detergents are effective in fighting technical and natural contamination: they remove oil and soot stains, traces of sweat and blood, as well as “difficult” food soiling, while preserving the colour of fabrics and ensuring that your clothes are spotless and fresh after the first wash. When using the SELA laundry detergents, you will definitely notice that less "pellets" are formed on your clothes and their rich colour remains.

    Thanks to the components included in the product, no additional use of conditioners is required. Clothes and bed linen acquire a light pleasant aroma.

    Liquid detergent for washing coloured underwear protects items from colour changes during washing and in the sun, gives them elasticity and softness.

    USAGE: shake well before use.

    ATTENTION! Follow the fabric manufacturer's instructions on the product label. Do not wash clothes if “dry cleaning only” is recommended. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES, RINSE WITH PLENTY OF WATER!


    - Advantages of SELA liquid laundry detergent

    - The product is convenient to store and easy to dose;

    - The product is used sparingly

    - Unlike powders, the particles of the detergent do not get into the air, neither they irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract;

    - It does not spoil clothes, they can be washed every single day;

    - The product is completely soluble and works in water of any temperature and hardness; it is most effective in cool and warm water;

    - The detergents are enriched with special components that easily penetrate the fabric and dissolve any contamination;

    - They are easy to rinse out leaving no streaks on the fabric;

    - SELA prevents dirt and stains from re-eating into the fibre structure;

    - The additives included in the product soften the fabric, which prolongs its life. Things do not lose their shape or colour.

    - No traces of the product remain in the washing machine itself, which extends the service life of heating elements and washer nozzles.

    MACHINE WASH: before washing, sort the laundry, check the item labels and make sure that these they can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend using the washing program depending on the type of the items fabric (about 30°C for wool and 40° for synthetics).

    HAND WASH: dilute the product in 5 litres of warm (30°C - 50°C) water. Before washing, soak the items in a solution of the product for 5-10 minutes, if they are heavily soiled, then for 20-40 minutes. Gently wash and wring the laundry without twisting and rinse in plenty of water.

    Ingredients: demineralized water, non-ionic surfactants – from 5% to 15%, EDTA – less than 5%, perfume composition and preservative. Contains no phosphates.


    Volume Packaging Quantity in a package Quantity of boxes per euro-pallet Quantity of boxes per one layer Quantity of layers
    4 kg Canister 2 50 25 2