Our products meet the Detergent Technical Regulation Requirements, have been coordinated with the State Standard bodies and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
The Company products are comprised of environmentally friendly components and natural surfactants containing no phosphates or parabens. Our products are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.
Our products manufacturing process and their packaging belong to environmentally friendly and waste-free ones.
The feedstock is supplied in recyclable non-washable containers. There is no solid industrial waste.
All manufactured products emit no harmful substances in quantities that pollute the ambient air.
High requirements to the product quality bear fruit: the sales of SAN CLEAN INT LLC finished products increase year after year.
The range of the issued products is also growing: today the Company produces more than fifty items of household and professional chemicals.
In the presence of competition in the market of household chemicals from both domestic and foreign manufacturers, SAN CLEAN INT LLC firmly holds its niche.
In 2002, SAN CLEAN INT LLC was awarded the gold medal of “Supreme Quality” for the production of competitive high-quality products, and in 2003, the Company was conferred international award “European Quality”.
At the all-Ukrainian competition "Man of the Year 2004", the SAN CLEAN INT LLC Company received a high title “The Best National Trademark”.